Debbie Shore

I also keep myself busy with a menagerie of animals, including cats, dogs and ducks!

Hello and welcome to my website.

In my spare time I like to sew, and produce my own range of instructional DVDs, as well as writing a regular column for a sewing magazine.

In 1986 I became one of the first ever live Children’s ITV presenters, and have been at my happiest in front of the cameras ever since! That may be in a live situation selling products on a shopping channel, presenting  informative training and corporate video or playing the part of anything from an upmarket boutique owner (Emmerdale), a receptionist (Heartbeat) to “the other woman” (Crossroads), oh, and “the other woman” (Brookside). I’ve also appeared as Aladdin in panto, and toured with M&S, hosting live fashion shows.